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The Pro Detailer Podcast

Rewind a little over 2 years and Dynax Detailing Co. was merely an idea, a dream, something that could be pleasurable whilst earning a living doing so.

So when I was aksed to be a guest recently on the Pro Detailer Magazine Podcast, the first initial thought was, this can't be meant for me! But it was and without hesitation jumped at the chance.

Bert, from Professional Valeters & Detailers Association and creator of Pro Detailer Magazine, along with Ian made me so welcome and I was fortunate to have met them both previously during training at UK Detailing Academy and through Dynax Detailing Co.'s PVD Membership.

Some huge names have graced the podcast previously. From those with huge national and international followings, to creators of brands, and leaders of product supply chains - it's a real honour for Dynax Detailing Co. to be apart of The Pro Detailer podcast.

Thank you to Bert Youll and Ian Sealey for the opportunity and recognition, enabling Dynax Detailing Co. to reach more detailing professional and enthusiasts alike.

Be sure to check out the podcast on the Pro Detailer Magazine website

Or just search for Pro Detailer Magazine. Season 2, Episode 2, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Just like the topics covered in the podcast, we look after all sorts of cars, whether you have a supercar, sportscar, classic car, or daily driven family car, we are sure we have a mobile valeting or detailing service that can cater to your needs. Covering Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Somerset, Taunton, Gloucester, even if we are not near you, it's a conversation we can have. Get in touch!


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