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Dynax Detailing Company is pleased to offer ceramic coatings to enhance, protect and preserve your vehicle.


What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating utilises nanotechnology which consists of tiny particles that form a thin, transparent layer to provide additional protection to your car’s exterior. Ceramic coatings have hydrophobic properties making your car more resilient against contaminants and subsequently easier to clean. The coating helps protect your vehicle against damage from chemical stains, bird lime etchings and ultra-violet rays, reducing the amount of oxidisation. Its reflective properties also enhance the exterior of your car, adding depth and clarity of your paint and retaining gloss and shine for a prolonged period. 

Which ceramic coating is right for me?

Ceramic coatings can consist of more than one pass (or coverage) of your vehicle. In between some stages, the coatings should be left untouched for a minimum of 12 hours prior to a second or third coating being applied. We offer a variety of brands and can advise on the most suitable product for your vehicle to suit your budget and requirements. However, should you have a preference we will happily try to accommodate. 


How long does it take to apply a ceramic coating?

As a mobile business, we can only accommodate bookings for ceramic coatings if you have an enclosed garage with sufficient space around the vehicle. Alternatively we can apply ceramic coatings within our erectable gazebo, albeit suitable weather conditions are essential over a 24-48 hour period for the work to be carried out safely and correctly. We constantly strive to deliver outstanding results and will not compromise on this, therefore we treat every enquiry on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your understanding. 

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