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Aston Martin Vantage

Est. time:

 2 days*



dynax new car detail

A new car protection detail to safely remove defects, followed by a ceramic coating to add a protective seal to your new cars paintwork.

New car paint should be almost perfect when you collect it from the dealership. However contaminants, bird lime etchings and a poor wash technique may mean this is not the case. 

What's included:


  • Pure deionised 0ppm water used ensuring a spot-free finish

  • Alloy wheels cleaned (face, in-between spokes and barrels), including iron fallout

  • Tyre walls cleaned 

  • Snow foam pre-cleanser applied to safely loosen and remove dirt

  • Soft detailing brushes used to agitate badges and seals

  • Wheel arches pressure rinsed

  • Safe two bucket hand wash using plush wash mitts and pH neutral shampoo

  • Three stage decontamination of paintwork, incl. clay block/bar

  • Hand dried using specialist ultra soft microfibre drying towels 

  • Air dried using specialist blower to dry hard to reach areas and prevent drip marks 

  • Vinyl, rubbers and plastics dressed

  • Glass cleaned

  • Tyre dressing applied

  • Exhaust tip(s) cleaned and polished (if required)

  • Entry level paint correction process to bring out colour and depth in your vehicles paintwork

  • Single stage machine polish to enhance the colour and gloss, removing swirls and minor defects

  • Paintwork wiped down with IPA to remove any remaining oils and residue to prepare for coating

  • Ceramic coating applied


  • Unwrapped following PDI

  • Interior vacuum, including all surfaces, seats and boot

  • Dashboard and door cards cleaned (if required)

  • Door shuts cleaned using APC (if required)

  • Leather seats cleaned and treated (if required)

  • Free Dynax air freshener 

Optional extra(s)

  • Wheel ceramic coating - from £150

  • Glass coating  - from £100

  • Plastic trim coating - from £100




*Price will vary depending on:

  • size of vehicle

  • heavily soiled

  • dog hair

  • soft top convertible (cleaned separately)

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