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A Dynax Passion Project - JDM Inspired Honda Type-R

14 years ago my first Honda came into my life in the form of a 2005 Milano Red Honda Civic Sport, commonly known as the EP2 (Chassis code). This was a 1.6 SOHC VTEC engine producing 110bhp. It became quite apparent that despite my best efforts to extract more power from this engine, Honda designed this for everyday economy rather than outright performance.

Roll on a couple of patient penny saving years, for the holy grail purchase of a 2005 Nighthawk Black Pearl Honda Civic Type-R Premier Edition, commonly known as the EP3 (Chassis code). This was equipped with Honda’s renowned 2.0 (K20a2) DOHC VTEC engine producing 197bhp in stock form. Revving all the way to 8,000rpm, this was everything the EP2 Sport wasn’t. Mainly having the VTEC crossover at 6,000rpm that I craved!

I was triumphant in my quest to source one of the last EP3’s produced. Honda UK decided to give this incredibly successful hot hatch some swan song treats; red and black Recaro seats being the highlight. This incredible example of a hot hatch had me content, until one day I stumbled over some Honda forums, where other Type-R owners would converse and share pictures of things they had done to their car. This was the beginning of the end for my first EP3 Type-R.

Now hugely influenced by online pictures and ‘build threads’, I was starting to attend cars shows here in the UK, namely the biggest Japanese show across the country, Japfest. This just so happened to be displayed at my local race track, under 30 minutes from home.

Attending Japfest over the years, I was astounded by the tuning and aftermarket potential of the EP3 platform. Drawing inspiration from each individual build, I generated my idea of a perfect JDM inspired Honda. Roll on EP chassis No. 3 and Type-R No. 2.

2005 Cosmic Grey Pearl Honda Civic Type-R Premier Edition. This platform was going to enable me to start building the ideas I had formed over many years of idolising this amazing hot hatch. The result is something I can only describe as my masterpiece. From supercharged engine tuning , chassis stiffening, suspension upgrading, custom brake set up, one-off custom parts, to more sought after rare parts from Japan and America than you can shake a stick at! To say I went all in on this build is putting it mildly. But once a vision is formed into one’s mind about the way something should look, perform, handle and sound, you become obsessed with chasing that goal. As a result, 317bhp screaming all the way to 9,000rpm had me grinning from ear to ear every time the Jackson Racing supercharger started whining.

All the details from each individual part, complimented the next as if these manufacturers knew they would be put together at some point, it really does take a lot of time and focus to try and take a popular (in the UK) chassis, and equip it with enhancements that add to the experience and uniqueness, without taking away the enjoyment. But if you get it right, the sense of reward is of epic proportion.

This car build helped shape Dynax Detailing Co. in more ways than one. This was not a concours build and was not intended to be, none-the-less it still picked up a handful of awards at shows that it did attend. If anything, it fuelled my passion even more so for attention to detail, and enabled me to work closely with materials typically found on high end supercars; carbon fibre, fibreglass, alcantara and titanium, to name but a few, all materials found in this build. This presented opportunities to try out products, machine techniques, all the while enhancing the vehicle whilst developing a greater understanding in the process. Win, win.

In recent years Type-R No. 3 (EP chassis No. 4), came into my life, this time in the form of an icon from the motherland itself; the hardcore 2002 JDM Honda Civic Type-R EP3 in famous Championship White. This imported version only sold in Japan, boasts a higher spec than the ‘softer’ UK versions. 212bhp from its higher revving 2.0 (K20a) DOHC VTEC engine, LSD, red Recaro seats, thicker anti-roll bars, the list goes on. This is arguably the best of the bunch in terms of stock form EP3’s available worldwide, and completes the EP3 ownership experience.

Now the love affair is over. Despite this being a lovely garage ornament, it was an expensive passion project. With the growth of Dynax Detailing Co. evolving it was time to say goodbye. All good thing’s must come to an end, and boy was this good!

If you too have something unique or special, and are looking for a company with passion and experience to lovingly maintain its aesthetic condition, look no further. Dynax Detailing Co. foundations were built on cars just like this. Hot hatches, classic supercars, show cars, track cars, we can enhance, protect and preserve them for years to come. Get in touch.


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