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Caring For Your Soft Top Convertible

Convertible soft tops not only offer versatility and better visibility, they also give a sleek, modern and stylish look, making them particularly appealing to car enthusiasts and other passengers.

However, the wear and tear caused by road salt, grime and wet conditions can leave soft top fabrics looking mouldy, mottled and discoloured if they are not cleaned regularly.

The majority of modern convertibles and roadsters are made from durable polyester/polyacrylic vinyl or canvas. Below, we look at the pros and cons of both vinyl and canvas soft top fabrics and provide some top tips on how you can keep your convertible looking its best all year round.

Vinyl convertible soft top


Vinyl soft tops are aesthetically shiny to look at and provide more protection than canvas due to being a stronger fabric. This means they tend to be a bit more economical and generally easier to maintain.


Over time, vinyl soft tops are prone to cracking and peeling as a result of harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, if this occurs the fabric cannot be repaired and subsequently the roof top would need replacing.

Top Tips:

Unlike canvas, vinyl soft tops are generally waterproof, so they can be cleaned alongside the rest of the car. Albeit, if there are weathered or age-related signs then using a specific vinyl cleaner is recommended. Monthly maintenance of your vinyl top will help prevent damage whilst applying a protective sealant.

Canvas convertible soft top


Canvas soft tops look and feel beautiful, providing they are looked after in the correct way. If the fabric looks tired, it can be restored back to its former glory with the right products and process.


Canvas roofs can be susceptible to staining and leaking. They will not stay clean as long as vinyl, nor offer a greater form of protection in harsh weather conditions. If the wrong products and equipment are used whilst cleaning, the canvas can easily become damaged, scagged, ripped or stained.

Top Tips:

Unlike vinyl, canvas roofs should be cleaned separately to the rest of the car, using specific cleaning products. Great care should be taken when cleaning your soft top to prevent causing damage. Only soft bristle brushes should be used and a lint free plush drying towel and/or air dryer to dry. The canvas roof should not be pressure washed as the concentration of water flow will cause damage to the material. After cleaning, a specific protective sealant should also be added to prolong the finished appearance, whilst offering maximum protection from harsh elements including UV rays, tree sap, acid rain and bird droppings.

At Dynax Detailing Company, we understand the importance of caring for your convertible and offer soft top cleaning as part of our valeting and detailing services.


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