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Protect Your Car From The Winter Elements

As the seasons change and winter draws nearer, we brace ourselves for the harsh weather conditions and falling temperatures. As a nation busier than ever juggling workload and family life whilst also preparing for the festive period, we can understandably forget to prepare our vehicle(s) for the change in seasons.

Salt on the roads, road grime and everyday bonded contaminants can all have a detrimental effect on your vehicles paintwork. Dynax Winter Detail gives your vehicle an intensive deep clean inside and out, specifically designed to protect your car from the harsh winter elements.

Dynax Winter Protection Detail

Wheel arches extensively cleaned

Salt and road grime build up in wheel arches naturally due to the rotation of the wheels. The salt will happily tuck itself into any crevasses it finds if not removed, potentially causing rust around the whole area.

Underside of vehicle protected with anti-corrosion sealant

Even though the underside of your vehicle's front and rear bumpers and side skirts are not visible on a daily basis, the underside of your vehicle is still effected by salt and road grime. An antic-corrosion sealant will help to protect the paint on these parts of your vehicle to ensure they have maximum protection.

Glass cleaned and coated with hydrophobic sealant

Visibility can be reduced in harsher weather conditions. A glass coating will help to prevent your wiper blades sticking and splitting and any ice or frost will merely sit on the coating, enabling an easier and safer removal.

Headlights hand polished

Blemishes, scratches, insects and contaminants can also reduce headlight brightness, potentially reducing visibility. Treating this will ensure they are as clear as possible. Older headlights may require restoration which is available upon request.

Wheel wax application

Prior to applying a wax or coating, the wheels are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. The wax coating application is a top coat to act as a barrier protecting the finish of alloy wheels.

Anti-corrosion sealant applied to paintwork

Once the paint has been prepped, a sealant is applied one panel at a time ensuring maximum coverage. Acting as an impenetrable barrier between the elements and your vehicles paintwork, this helps to ensure no nasty salts, contaminants or road grime leave their mark and can be safely washed away.

Door shuts cleaned and protected with anti-corrosion sealant

Leaving door shuts dirty and clogged can see issues occur with the quality of paint in these areas. When you enter and exit your car, dirt and contaminants transfer from your footwear and the road. Even though these areas aren't visible from the outside, it doesn't mean they shouldn't be cared for.

Base of the doors cleaned and sealed

It's not uncommon in winter for car doors to stick or not open at all due to the door rubbers freezing. A sealant will provide lubrication to help prevent this from happening.

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