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It's what's inside that counts: The importance of interior car valeting

On average, a UK driver will spend nearly 4 years behind the wheel of a car in their lifetime.* While some car owners valet their car weekly or every fortnight, few rarely clean the interior at the same time.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has encouraged us to question how clean a nation we are. The interior of your car can harbour a multitude of bacteria and germs which can cling to our dashboard, seats, windows and carpets, if left untouched.

At Dynax Detailing Co. we offer interior cleaning as part of our valeting and detailing services to help you keep your

interior as germ free as possible.

Our services range from an introductory level mini valet to an in-depth clean of all interior surfaces, including dashboard, carpet, mats, upholstery and boot, depending on your requirements.

To learn more, visit

Dynax Detailing Co. continue to deliver our valeting and detailing services during the Coronavirus outbreak, where possible to do so, within the Government's guidelines. Working safely is, and will always be, our first priority and therefore we have made some changes to our operation, which are outlined here.


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