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Restore Your Headlights Back To Their Former Glory

Do you find that your night time vision whilst driving is somewhat hazy and dull? This may be the sign that your vehicles headlights have seen better days and require some TLC.

Over time as the plastic begins to age, your vehicles headlights can become discoloured and cloudy due to a combination of chemicals, UV light exposure and harsh road conditions. Not only does this affect the overall appearance of your car, it can also lead to poor visibility, and in some cases, an MOT failure due to reduced light transmission.

The dull looking areas act as a top layer on the headlight; a combination of fine scratches and heavy oxidisation. 60-70% of light can be lost with heavily oxidised headlights. The plastic can feel rough to touch and no matter how much elbow grease you use trying to polish it away, it cannot be removed.

Good news !

Dynax Detailing Company offer headlight restoration to return your headlights back to its former glory at a fraction of the cost as it would be to replace them.

To achieve the desired results, wet sanding is performed. The level of grit sandpaper used is determined by how bad the condition of the headlight is. This process is then followed by a polishing compound, either achieved with a rotary polisher or drill with pad attachment, depending on your preference.

Headlight restoration significantly improves visibility to other road users, ensuring your safety whilst keeping your vehicle looking its best.


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