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How to care for a wrapped or PPF'd vehicle

People will wrap a vehicle for many reasons. From a simple colour change, business advertisement, or even race car livery. Why? Why not! Get recognised!

Dynax Detailing Co. have had our very own VW Caddy detailing van colour changed and sign written thanks to experts Shadeswraps in Bristol.

We embarked on transforming the metallic Reflex Silver into our brand identifiable gloss charcoal/gunmetal grey with teal accents. We chose to invest in the van, helping to raise brand awareness whilst out on the road.


Despite the fact your paint is protected beneath the wrap or PPF, if you want to keep the wrap looking its best, and withstanding the test of time, the right care needs to be taken.

How Often?

Just like a painted finish you should ideally safe wash the vehicle bi-weekly or bi-monthly, when dirt becomes apparent, thus avoiding a build-up of dirt and bonded contaminates which, if left untreated, could prove harder to remove and cause defects upon doing so. However, washing a wrapped vehicle is different to that of a painted finish.


  • Direct sunlight especially if you are not using pure de-ionsied water.

  • Pressure washing unless pressure is kept below 2000psi and the nozzle is at least 2 foot away from the graphics (Proceed with caution).

  • Clay bar/ exfoli block decontamination. The sticky nature of clay is designed to pull contaminates out of the paint. It's this pulling feature of clay which would do more harm than good on your expensive wrap and graphics.

  • Iron fallout products. Designed to dissolve metal shards attached to your paintwork.

  • Polish or hard waxes. You won't see the results and will cause a headache upon buffing/removal.

  • Drying aggressively with towels and microfibres. Avoid a dragging motion especially around graphic edges.

  • Parking under tree's. Tree sap isn't your wrapped vehicles friend.

  • Allowing bird lime to remain on the wrap, remove immediately or asap.

  • Being to aggressive around panel gaps and edges. You could lift the PPF or vinyl away from the panel.

Best Practice:

  • Pure de-ionised water preventing water spots and mineral etching.

  • Citrus Pre wash/Snowfoam can be used with the same cautionary measures when using the lance.

  • Two bucket wash method with grit guards.

  • PH neutral shampoo.

  • Air dry if possible. If not available, pat dry with a super soft drying towel and microfibres. Being extra careful of edges.

  • It's perfectly safe to use a liquid wax or spray sealant, to add a layer of protection.

  • For ultimate protection and durability apply a specific vinyl/PPF ceramic coating, protecting against the elements and protecting those graphics from intense UV ray discolouration.

What if my wrap is a Satin or Matte Finish?

A satin or matte wrap can be safely washed with the safe wash methods mentioned above. However ensure the PH neutral shampoo used contains no gloss enhancers. Avoid decontaminating the wrap, whether this is iron fallout, heavy tar remover and definitely not clay! Fallout removers are designed to melt/dissolve metal filings stuck on the paintwork, not vinyl. Heavy intensive tar and glue removers are typically too strong and could result in discolouration/defecting the area applied, only proceed with caution.

Avoid any polishes, hard waxes, and quick detailing sprays. The vast majority of QD's tend to have gloss enhancers and are intended for painted finishes, and may diminish the satin or matte finish over time.

It's all too tempting to finesse the car once washed and dried, if you cannot resist a final wipe down, QD's are available specifically for matte paintwork and wraps, such as Angelwax Luminosity Matte QED.

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film. A thin translucent film applied to chosen panels of the vehicle or entire vehicle in some cases. Designed to prevent stone chips, light scratches and paintwork defects. Clear in finish, the vehicles appearance remains unchanged.

Very much like a vinyl wrap, it acts as the new topcoat protecting the vehicles factory clearcoat beneath. Most commonly found on sportscars and supercars, the front of these types of vehicles are the panels which recieve the most amount of natural abuse, through spirited driving and track days alike.

Maintenance wash processes can be treated in the same way as a gloss vinyl wrapped vehicle mentioned above.


If you have or are thinking of having your pride and joy wrapped or PPF’d, then just remember these do’s and don’ts to ensure you don’t come unstuck at any point of ownership.

A strong recommendation from Dynax Detailing Co. is to have a ceramic coating applied.

Due to the busy nature of business, our Detailing Caddy can sometimes be left feeling unloved for longer than we would like. However due to the specific vinyl ceramic coating applied, when we do have the opportunity to give it a bath, it’s incredibly easy. The clear surface water tension means the beading and sheeting properties ensure the correct processes can not only be carried out, but quickly and efficiently too. Typically, we can air dry 85-90% of the vehicle leaving minimal towel movement over the vinyl, which is due to the hydrophobic nature of the coating.

If this all sounds like too much hard work, fear not. Dynax Detailing Co. are seasoned professionals, with an ever growing existing client base boasting exotic cars with PPF and wraps alike. Looking for regular maintenance? Our Dynax Care Plan will keep your wrap or PPF looking its best all year round. Haven’t ceramic coated your wrap or PPF yet? No problem, get in touch and let’s talk through your tailored options.

Exotic supercars, sportscars, daily driven workhorses, we can safely see you on the right path for years to come, protecting and preserving your vehicles chosen finish.


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