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What is Paint Correction?

A machine polisher is the ultimate tool in a detailers arsenal. Despite there being several machines available to combat paint defects, such as Dual Action, Rotary, Forced Action, they all serve the same purpose, albeit with varying differences in results.

Common reasons for needing paint correction:

  • Incorrect wash technique will inevitably leave behind light scratches, swirls, and probable marring.

  • Hard water spots that have been allowed to dry on the paintwork, especially in direct hot sunlight.

  • Bird lime and tree sap are both acidic deposits that if left on the paintwork for a lengthy period of time, especially in direct sunlight will etch into the paints finish.

  • Abrasions and paint transfer - where the vehicle has come into close contact with hedges, branches and even other vehicles causing light damage where the clear coat isn't broken.

  • Bodyshop overspray - where your vehicle has been in close proximity to a vehicle being worked on in an uncontrolled environment, thus resulting in your vehicles topcoat becoming rough to the touch.

  • Holograms, buffer trails and/or burn from a previous unprofessional machine polish, or someone’s attempt at hand polishing with too much pressure applied.

Why do I need paint correction?

If you are reading this, it is likely you have the wish or desire for the paintwork on your vehicle to look as good as possible. Natural sunlight, car park lights, intense spotlights, even headlights, will show up your paintworks true condition. If you care about your car's appearance then a swirly, scratched, hazy, dull, bird lime etched finish, simply is not acceptable.

What are Stages?

Single Stage Machine Polish:

With entry level offering in machine polishing widely known as a gloss enhancement, even this can make dull defected paint look rich and luscious. Although it won’t remove every defect within the paint due to this being only a single stage machine polish. Following a test area, the most suitable pad and polish combo would be selected to achieve the very best results possible at this level. A single stage machine polish is also the minimum requirement for any Ceramic Coatings being applied to the paintwork.

Two Stage Machine Polish:

A two stage machine polish introduces a cutting stage. This is when using a cutting pad and compound, the cutting abrasives help in removing deeper imbedded defects, such as scratches and etchings, even harsher swirls. Several options of machine and pad can be used to achieve desired results, wool, denim and microfibre pads typically offering the heaviest cutting capabilities. However due to there aggressive nature of cutting, this can also leave you with some holograms and haze, so is now a requirement to refine the paint.

Refining the paintwork will introduce clarity, depth and enhance gloss further, as well as removing any cutting marks from the previous cutting stage. This requires a separate pad and polish combination, maximizing results without the need for a third stage (or more) after.

Three Stage Machine Polish:

After a two stage polish of the paintwork, this should now be resembling a crisp, clear, rich shine largely defect free. However, should desire to chase even more gloss be something that you simply cannot resist, then a third polishing stage can follow. Yet again a particular specific polishing pad and polish combo is required to gloss over the top of the previous two stages, leaving you with a stunning gloss level and deep rich clarity to boot.

Multiple Stage Machine Polish:

So cutting, refining, and polishing will typically give you beautiful results. Should paint perfection be something that you crave, we then move into multi-stage paint machine polishing. This can range from multiple stages of cutting and refining with various different pad types, machines, and even wet sanding to remove ‘orange peel’ and a de-nibbing process, to ensure there are no lumps and bumps in the factory finish. This is in absolute chase of perfection, where no number of stages restricts the result, and depending on any individuals time constraints, can take as long as it requires to achieve the perfect finish.

Thinking about having a wax or ceramic coating applied to your paintwork? The best preparation of the paint, is machine polishing, giving you a clean clear defect free surface offering maximum bond between clearcoat and product, not to mention the super glossy by-product of these two things combined.

Whether you have a brand new car straight off the production line, a classic car, a supercar, or daily driven family runner, it is likely your car would benefit from paint correction. If you care, we care, and Dynax Detailing Co. are trained and proven in offering a variety of different paint correction services to suit most budgets.

If you have a tight schedule and expect to have your car back after a few hours, think again. Even an entry level Single Stage Dynax Detail will take a minimum of 1 day. Being a mobile valeting and detailing company, predominantly covering Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Gloustershire, and the South West, we strive for outstanding results, and these processes cannot be rushed.

Now you know what paint correction is, and the different stages associated with such a service, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can enhance, protect, and preserve your vehicle for years to come.


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